Monday, March 23, 2015

Payatham Paruppu Payasam / Moong Dal Kheer

I learnt the basics of cooking from my mother-in-law. Sambar, different types of kuzhambu, the different poriyals . Hers is a rustic style of cooking - truly comfort food at its best. One of her best recipes is the payatham paruppu payasam - a regular in most of our festival menus.  The care she shows in following each step while making this dish results in a delectable dessert that truly represents food for the gods.



Split Moong dal / Payatham paruppu - 1 cup (dry roasted until it gives a nice aroma)
Grated Jaggery - 1.25 cups
Cardomom powder - 1/2 tsp

Roast and Grind to a smooth paste

Cashews 5 to 6
Channa Dal 1 Tblsp 
Coconut 1 Tblsp
Milk 2 Tblsp 


1. Pressure cook / boil the dal until well done. Mash and keep aside. 
2. As the dal.cooks, heat a pan with jagged and water.
3. When the jagged melts and starts thickening remove from heat and strain the scum that collects on top. Return the liquid back to the pan and continue heating it.
4. Add the mashed dal and mix well.
5. As the mixture thickens add the ground paste and cardomom powder. 
6. Garnish with fried nuts and raisins. 
7. Serve warm. 

* If the payasam is thick at the time of serving add some warm milk to it.

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