About Me

Welcome to Crimson Spice.

My name is Aishwarya. I am a HR Professional turned domestic diva stay at home mom turned food blogger and this blog is a reflection of my love for cooking. It is a passion I discovered a couple of years back and I love cooking for friends and family. The art and science of cooking intrigue me and I love hunting for cooking experiences (not just recipes!). 

I am a book nerd, a movie buff and have an OCD for organizing stuff .   I enjoy shopping. Especially in food stores, looking for new stuff from the food chain - but also wary of the fact that sometime, only sometimes I have to secretly dispose what I thought would make a good twist to dinner. Obviously some things are better left in the supermarket.

You will find my kitchen adventures chronicled here as I try out dishes from hand-me down cookbooks to my own experiments. 

Why Crimson Spice? - Read all about it here

After a some hiatus, I have revived the blog, changed its name and have vowed to post regularly. 
Apart from my cooking chronicles, ;ook out for Tales from Penang, Restaurant Reviews, Stuff that I love using in the kitchen, Tidbits of random things and Kitchen Tips.

I started out with a simple Point and Shoot Sony Cybershot camera. I am currently using a Nikon P510.

Plagiarism may be the best form of flattery but all content and photos in this blog including text is copyrighted to me. If you would like to use the pictures or content, please send me a request on aishpk@gmail.com.

 If you are posting my recipe on your blog, please link back to my original post and do let me know too. I would love to see your interpretation and pictures :-).

If you try out a recipe from this blog, do take a quick picture and send it me. Would love to see how it turns out :-)

So go on and read about my experiments with food and do let me know your feedback and suggestions!.


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