Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crimson Spice - New Name, Same Soul

When I first started this blog in 2010, I chose the blog name - Spice Valley -  it was to represent my love for using spices in my kitchen.  However,today a simple Google search threw up more than a dozen blogs and restaurants with very similar names. This could lead to a lot of confusion and the entire essence of the blog can get diluted. Its just like a brand name and multiple products of different nature with similar brand names creates confusion for the end-users. So I had to go through the process of coming up with a unique blog name that is easy on the tongue, catchy and most importantly represents the essence of the blog and its author. While Spice Valley made sense when I started off, thinking about it today I felt that it does not embody the soul of this blog that has grown with the sensibilities of the author-cook (:-). After a lot of delibration and ofcourse web searches to ensure exclusivity, I decided on CRIMSON SPICE. 

Crimson - A shade of color that defines various shades of red - from rasberry to magenta, from ruby to purple. It is symbolic of strength, brightness  I love it as red is my favorite color. And I love the way it represents the primary element in any kitchen - fire. From fiery red chillies to the exotic saffron, the color Crimson holds sway amongst the spices. What better name to  a blog that represents all these elements. So Spice Valley shall henceforth be CRIMSON SPICE. 

I will be working on a new thumbnail and logo and meanwhile the posts will keep coming..

Do let me know on what you think of Crimson Spice? Is the name a progressive change from the old one? What does Crimson Spice evoke in your mind??

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